June 6th, 2006


"It's raining and the stars are falling from the sky"

It's 6.6.06.

Really, that is quite cool. I've been expecting cool stuff all day but sadly it appears to be just like any other day. *checks room* Yep. No anti-christ under the bed or anything. It's just cold. But that sadly isn't unusual. I would get more tea but that would require moving and I lack the motivation.

The flatmates are going out for a birthday dinner tonight so I am Queen of the LFoD. I shall rule over my kingdom with kindness and grace and possibly some sort of crazy dancing. I think it makes everything better. And warmer.

Anyone on my flist ever seen a movie from the late 80's called 'Moontrap' starring Bruce Campbell and Chekov from Star Trek? I started thinking about this movie the other day remember that as a kid it scared the living daylights out of me. I did not, however, remember Bruce Campbell being in it. Probably because I was about 7 or 8 at the time and didn't know his glory at that point. Anyway, my rambling about remembering bits of this movie- on the moon, something about a robot and creepy removal of body parts- has intriged folk. Folk being Tim who went into Alice's Video to see if they had it. (Cause it's Alice's. If anywhere in Christchurch is going to have crazy cult movies it'd be Alice's.) Tim was informed that they didn't have it, knew Bruce Campbell was in it, and wanted it. Also came the information that they didn't think a copy of it even existed in New Zealand.

And, see, now I really want it! I'm willing to bet big money this movie isn't very scary at all but I want it. Yay childhood!

And this man right here deserves a nice slow clap for his amusing idiocy.
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