May 31st, 2006


Ville Valo's idea of a vibrator scares me

It's offical. My room doesn't want me. It wants me OUT. We never had any problems with that stupid bedroom when Sena lived in it, except for a slight leak in the windowframe. And now that I'm in there? The floor that we thought had finally dried out from the hot water leak we had is NOT dry. Moving things I discovered it it once again soaking through the carpet. The walls under the window and the frames seem to keep moulding up no matter how many times I get rid of it. My bed is being stupid and unfixably squeaky, which it never was before. Also, sick. I've been sick since I got in there. that room hates me.

Raen suggests I'm over-personifying the room but I don't think so! houses are...they know when they don't like the people who live in them and the LFoD- at the least the old Sena part- HATES ME.


(This is being written on Raen's computer, since my desk has had to be moved away because it was where the still bloody wet floorboards are.)

Blah, I want out.
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So maybe it just dislikes me a little.

Tim came round, there was screwing, and now my bed doesn't squeak anymore! (It's a little bit sad how much two twenty-one year olds will giggle at 'screwing' puns. Wait, no, it's alot sad. They were just too easy.) My bed is so fixed I could be having loud obnoxious sex right now and you'd all have no idea. Bwaha!

But, yes:

Bed = fixed.
Floor = drying.
Mould = banished.
Stronger painkillers = acquired.

My desk has had to be moved across the room so I'm sitting on my bed to do laptopy internety things, but I'm young so I forbear.

Now I just need to work on this 'getting better' thing I've heard so much about. I feel less crap that I have so I call it an improvement. And I shall be at the 48 (even if it means staying not quite so late and being rather less energetic than I would like.)
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