April 23rd, 2006


And I memorized your naked silhouette as you slowly brushed your hair

I'm so very tired. I need to try and get more sleep, as a general life rule. *yawns*

Currently I am all alone in the house as the girls are all out seeing Dylan Moran. And, I'm sure, they're having orgasmic fun there. They shall come home and tell me many happy tales.

Sena's room is half empty. On one hand I say 'Waa! Sena going away!' On the other I have to think 'My god, woman! You go in two days! Pack faster!' Oh well. I plan to be elsewhere on the last night she has for packing, just to avoid the inevitable flailing and possible yelling. Yep. Definatly crashing somewhere else that night.

But once she's all moved out, then my moving into her room begins. *dramatic music* I have so much stuff to shift. *looks around messy room* I said I'd clean it yesterday. I lied.

I wonder when people are getting home? I hate empty houses. Which probably sounds silly since I bask in the solitude my bedroom offers me most of the time. But I just like knowing someone's around if I need/want them. An actual empty house? It makes me all... wary and lonely and creeped out. I could never live on my own.
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