April 16th, 2006


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Happy Vampire Christ day, yo.

The house is cleeeean after the party last night and this is because I rock like a hard thing. *struts*
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Yes, it's an update. Try and remain calm.

I totally update for fake people more than I update for myself. So, yeah, here's an update on the world of Circe.

Ummm...things are going good, I suppose. Behold things going good.


Take two.

Right, last night the LFoD played host (hostess?) for Tim's long delayed 21st party. Twas alot of fun. Apparently there was dramah somewhere toward the end but I'd already left by that point so I missed it. Although, sounds like the same old drama and one only really needs to hear some of these conversations once and then any more than that is just overkill. (Yeah, don't worry. I include my own dramah in that. No one needs to listen past the first time I tell you things. Hell, don't even listen the first time is probably better for your own mental health and general well-being.)

Tim's 'cool friends' (his words, not my own) were, in fact, pretty cool. I still think we're the cool ones though. I mean, who could be cooler than us girls? *smiles deviously sweetly* And all members of the LFoD were on our very best behaviour. And, possibly as a reward, this morning when I'd finished cleaning up the mess we had a fully stocked pantry and fridge from all the left over food/drinks from last night. We also practically had a bar left but Tim took that away. :(

But he did, very foolishly, leave me half a bottle of tequila which he shall never see again.

I've recently discovered the awesomeness of the Finnish band (yes, be shocked) Lordi who are really too cool for school. And all other places. Trust Finland to enter Euroivison with a metal band who dress as monsters.

Speaking of Finland...I have been getting lovely emails from Luke over in Europe and we miss him terribly. But he seems to be having fun. I wish I had some of the photos that got taken of us at the airport when we went to see him off.

And Europely speaking as well, Sena leaves for the UK in under two weeks. Eik! She really should start packing. (Which may have been mentioned to her a few times already.) I'm stealing her bedroom when she leaves because it's bigger than my current one. And how am I meant to take over your room if it's not empty, Sen?? *grins* This means that I'm going to have to take down all my six million posters and Random Wall Things. Sigh. This could be a project that requires resting time, chocolate, and lots of cups of tea. Because I can survive anything given enough tea. Like a hurricane. In fact, the only thing that I cannot survive without tea is a lack of tea.

All these people going to Europe make me terribly jealous. I miss Ireland alot recently. And Nikki. And, obviously, Nikki in Ireland. Everything there was...well easy. I suppose since everything there was so disconnected from our real lives. We were living far away from our homes and the people we were entangled with. We only had each other and Galway to be entangled with. *sighs* One day I'll return to Kinvara. I want to go back there and I want Nikki to come with me. And, of course, other friends too, but mostly I think Nikki for the fact that we can sit around and remember all the things from the first time around.

And now, my darlings, I am going to raid the uber-stocked pantry and find something sweet.