March 26th, 2006


hammer-on, hammer-on, hammer-on...

This post was meant to be made last night and I was meant to have pictures to go with it but Sena's camera is not yet anywhere near my grasp.

Luke's birthday party was kick arse. It was a really nice socialising event and I totally needed it. And, oh god! His house! So lovely! I wouldn't want party people in there if that was my house. I'd be too paranoid about destruction.

I, as per usual, made a spectacle of myself. Because that's what I do. Especially at parties. I wore my Mall Goth shirt, ala Emilie Autumn, because I'm uber cool and making a statement on the gothic culture and its stereotypes.


Or it's possible I just like shirts with amusing things written across my breasts.

I gave some awesome hickeys, I hear. I wasn't even trying this time. But I did get to lick tequila off breasts. And that, ladies and gentlemen, has been a dream of mine for a very long time. I didn't snog lots of people though so I'm clearly a well behaved young lass. AND I got to plait a mostly-stranger's hair. (He likes being named after character's Raen and I write. I'm sure there's not many people around who would agree with being declared 'Medieval Luthe.' It's the hair. And possibly the leather. Raen had a crush.)

Sena brought her lovely new camera along so there are lots of interesting photos. I do love the one she got of me appearing to menace Andre with a bottle of tequila. It's all kinds of classy.

And last night I spent lazing around in bed watching bad old cartoons and being as un-partylike as possible. (What, really, was the plot of the Transformers movie? I caught alot of things blowing up and fights and things but the main plot seemed to allude me. Or maybe I'm trying to complicate it.) I also had Chinese. Oh god, yum. I always forget how much I miss Chinese when I don't have it. Even if I did have to eat it with chopsticks which I'm terrible at.

I've been listening to Lacuna Coil's KarmaCode since I got it a few days ago. I feel my music snobbiness dying with every listen since I'm liking it and I do appear to be the only one. It's not as good as Comalies but, hell, it's better than alot of the non LC music out there so I'm happy. 'Our Truth' remains the best song on the album but I'm also enjoying 'To The Edge' and, god forbid, 'Enjoy The Silence'

EDIT: Bwaha. The Camera Flatmate returned home.

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