March 14th, 2006


Party photos!

Lots of fun was had last night at the LFoD drinkies. Thanks to everyone who came along and enjoyed themselves. For some reason the hall become the living room and everyone was sitting in there playing a monster round of 'I Never.' (Luke, for the record, had to drink alot.) But none of the I Never answers get written down here because that would be against the drunken spirit of the game.

I attended the party as a Baby Bat. I, sadly, had no Slipknot t-shirt, which would have been perfect. But I did have a lovely homemade Korn shirt. And electrical tape wrapped around my hands just like The Crow. So you know I'm goth, man. I take ideas from The Crow.

You know it was an awesome night when you can't remember half of it. Apparently I was making out with a lot of people in the living room but I have no memory of this. So (I can't believe I'm about to say this) if I kissed you, please raise your hand? Just trying to keep a tally of my bad behaviour and everything here. Hi dad!

Anyway, lots of photos got taken on Ness' way shiny new camera. (And, oh god, Phil has photos as well.) Dunno why I didn't take any with Little K since I charged her batteries up and everything for the purpose.

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