February 26th, 2006


Bwaha! The coding cannot beat me!

Ta dum! a layout! Behold the Shiny Within Temptation-ness of it. Say 'ooooh.' Looks pretty good, I think. It took a few trials in which I managed to screw up almost all of it.

I tried to edit my random moodtheme to put in more musicians but just ended up fucking it up. So, yeah, back to the Farscape theme. Mmm Farscape. Mmmm Aeryn.

I could talk about life things but there haven't been much of those happening. The LFoD continues to revolve and people come and go and yada yada yada. It's cool being the house everyone visits. Wacky fun. Last night night Peter brought us chocolate and miscellaneous candy things. He would have brought alcohol but had no ID on him. He also left a full pizza somewhere between work and here. Heh.

At some point we'll be watching more Black Books with Ness because we're doing that at the moment. And at some point I have to grab Tim for Army of Darkness watching while drinking absinthe. Because: oh the fun.
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    'Vienna' Trans-Siberian Orchestra (socooltheyare)