February 19th, 2006


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Alison is cleaning her room for the first time in ever. And so guess who what she found. Go on, guess.

My most favourite boy in the entire world, Dorien. *snuggles him* Bwaha! Dorien is not lost in the wide world and being all slutty sharing his music out to everyone! He was lost in mess instead. Mineminemine. This makes me very very happy. I have music making once more.

I really have to go start cleaning up the living room from last night's party. The place looks trashed but Ness' party was the bomb. Yay for birthdays. Good night and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves ^_^

Ali stars uni tommorrow. You know what this means? Hanging out at uni again! and paistos!
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Photos from Ness' 21st

Okay, I'm posting up the photos I took at Ness' 21st last night. I don't have many and they're all mostly from the early part of the night before the stupid amounts of drinking began. Tim's got more though so I'll get them off him.

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