February 12th, 2006


Shipwreck Party

Shipwreck Party last night.

I got drunk on top of my wicked sick hangover. Strangly, I don't feel to bad this morning and I'm up before ten am. But, blah, wasn't going to drink last night! Damn Frank and his offering of free alcahol!

Had rather interesting conversations while sitting in gutters. KAOS men are older, usually, than I expect, is what I'm discovering. (That's bad sentence making there.) Also had a firefight in and around the dollshouse with someone who's name alludes me this morning even though someone else told me last night. Simion? No? Yes? *shrugs* Anyway, that was a fun part of the night. What fun dorks can have with plastic space pistols. Danced alot to really good music- Andre's music taste is teh kick, even if he won't play The 69 Eyes :(

I left my bag at the Dollshouse though. So I'll have to go back there today and pick it up. (If it's even still there....) I also walked most of the way home before Raen's Magic Taxi found me. Thus the evidence that I'm terrible at parties by myself and lack any and all organisational skills. I may have also sent upset texts to two people and shouldn't have.

I'm steadily trying to ignore dramah around me. Don't think this will last very long.
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