January 25th, 2006


How could you possibly think you had the power to know how to keep me breathing?

Went to Ruth and Peter's flat and did their 'Drunken Worms Playing' night thing. Well, okay, Ruth, Ali, and I went and watched Firefly instead. Ruth has now seen the whole series and I give her permission to see Serenity. Was a good night and I came out of it filled with junk food and in possession of a new teddy bear. Okay, he's on loan. Because I looked cute with him. *looks cute* And he had no name! And Ruth was foolish enough to tell me I was allowed to name him.

She now owns a teddy called Baron Samedi.

And it's all her own fault.

Hmmm, I could sleep now but I'm too busy watching the imaginary people angst unfold on dirty_life. I love angst when it isn't mine. *tortures characters* (I like my rps. They're fun to play with. Cause then there's also laurasia_city & ophelia_house. The sad thing is if anyone pointed out another one I thought was cool, I'd totally be in. Sigh.)

Raen and I totally managed to order the new Emilie Autumn EP in time to get the signed poster. We squee. We get shiny new music- on CD, man, not downloaded!- and a poster of a very pretty lady. And it's a sexy poster.
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