January 22nd, 2006


"The heart may freeze or it can burn."

Party last night was pretty good. In fact, since there wasn't too much angsting or drama I rate it pretty high. (The only part I feel bad about was that I did really unitentionally hurt someone but I was doing it to save my own sanity. Does that make it any better? No, it doesn't, does it. *guilt* But I am sorry that I was mean but I know that it will be better for both of us in the long run.)

But other than that it was a cool party. I got to dance quite a bit I was given vodka by a lovely boy, got attention from other lovely boys, and got to go on a long walk- read two hours- and sort shit out with another lovely boy. (Look at me call every one of the males at that party 'lovely.' I must be in a good mood. Guh.)

Happy birthday, Luci. It was much fun. Glad I went.
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