January 19th, 2006


The glamour of the damned

I've just realised a character that I've been writing for months and totally wishing was real so I could sex her up, is based very very much on a girl in high school I wanted to sex up.

And I've only just realised this connection tonight. Sometimes I suspect I'm rather thick.

And just so I can pay even less attention to real life than I already do- who'd have thought it was possible?- Ali and I started making a new RP. Dear lord, we suck. But there's a party this weekend- thank the lord!- and another the next week. That's the best thing ever. It really is. *sighs* I like parties. It's a nice excuse to act like an idiot. (And I do. Frequently. Lucky I don't give a damn what anyone thinks of me, isn't it? Fuck 'em if they can't take a joke. *smirk*)

It's getting around the time where I want to change. There things about me that just need to...change. It's a nice content feeling to know where I want to be headed for once instead of feeling like I'm in turmoil. I'll probably change my mind tomorrow and be the same surly bitchy girl you all know and hate love, but for now it's all good.

Dear lord the KAOS T-Shirt DRAMAH going on in kaosians and other random ljs is great. I'm finding myself thoroughly amused. Who even needs a TV when you have twitchy faux-goths? Brilliant. (Oh look, it's that surly bitch I was talking about.)

Devils speak of the ways in which she'll manifest

For all those unaware of this fact: I, _honeyspider, am totally angelic and all love me for my shining perfection and goodness. But Nicole, persephone_20, is the naughty one and will lead you all into horrible horrible temptation with her sexiness and huge strap on.

Which, granted, may not sound to bad but...Ummm...I'm better. So don't trust the hot little one. Because she's bad. Yes. And I'm good and corruptable. Go oooon, corrupt me, baby. Corrupt me hard

I'm so glad the naughty girl is staying at my house tonight.


Hi mum and dad. Good to know you're still reading my livejournal.