January 12th, 2006


It's such ramble.

I honestly can’t believe I have the audacity to even refer to myself as a writer at all. I was sitting on the bus on the way to the library and trying to remember when the last time I have even written anything was. And it was quite a while ago. All my stories sit untouched on Tarja and I feel kind of bad about it. Poor half finished plots and angst-ridden people left hanging. I’m a cruel cruel mistress.

Anyway, I’m sitting in South Library and trying to tune out the sounds of the annoying pre-pubescents talking in their obnoxious voices and running around. This is a library, goddamit. Go home and play with yourselves toys, you little brats.

I should never ever be a mother. Lucky I have no plans to be at any time. Perhaps I shall turn completely lesbian to avoid it.

I’m talking such shit right now. I’m just enjoying the cool library and the sound of my fingers hitting the keys. I type far too loudly but I like Tarja’s keysounds. Clicky clicky clicky. Makes me feel like I’m actually doing something productive. I’m also trying to work out if it’s worth it to stand up and go get myself a hot chocolate…it might just be.


Cath informed me when I was leaving the house this morning that ‘my socks didn’t match.’ Yes, I was walking out of the house in fishnets and one knew-high stripy white sock. Shit, I’m weird cool, man. Have you ever met anyone as undeniably cool at me? Once again I realise I’m talking shit. Clickclickclick. I don’t know what I’ll do when Tarja carks it for good. I’ve had this lappy for more than two years! That makes her a relic! She needs a new clitoris-mouse too. *pouts*

The LFoD has been a flurry of ladies recently, with both Ruth and Nikki spending much of their time there. It makes it feel like some giant share house. (Life imitating art, it seems.) but Nikki has gone home and Ruth is…somewhere. The only person who is currently in the LFoD is Cath. Eeeempty.

Shit! I’ve just realised I haven’t sent out after-Christmas letters to people yet to thank them. *head desk* It’s already well into the new year! Argh, I suck big time.

I want more music on my computer but she’s running out of space. This makes me very very sad. So sad that I’m going to make a sad face now :( See? That’s how sad this makes me. Another thing that makes me sad is the fact that my battery is about to die and there and people using the two laptop plugs they have here. *small flail* How dare they! Don’t they know I want them and should therefore have them? (Why does the world never work this way?)

I may have to finish this up and go get hot chocolate instead. Oh, what agony my life is.
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