January 1st, 2006


Can you say 'what did I do last night?'?

No, that's silly. I remember. Mostly. There are really only a few gaps in my memory!

Oh god, I drunk so much. Don't worry. I'm paying for it today with the hangover from hell. Gah. *hydrates* I have marks all over my neck from differant people. But that's okay, because I got them all back. Har har.

Anyway, was a very good party and I enjoyed myself alot. Threw up. Oh my god. I suck. I hardly danced at all. I think I was only on the dance floor for about two songs. Was hit on by a few people and snogged a few others. But didn't snog as many as usual! ... I think...I hope.


Raise your hand if I snogged you.

Since I'm too lazy to write about other things that really happened...Collapse )
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