December 28th, 2005


"To going against the grain, to going insane, to going maaaaaaad" like meeeeeeeeee.

I should be sleeping but I appear not to be. I appear to be writing lots of random stories that will go no where and never be finished. Yay for those, I guess. But, for god's sake, it's almost 4. I really should sleep.

I've managed to find a new band to fall in love with in the time that Raen has been away. Collide is cool. This means music hunting. Lucky I like that game. The other music that is cool? The Rent movie soundtrack. Wish the movie would open here. I'm getting worried about the way I'm fangirling a movie that hasn't even come out yet. I mean, before 6 months my entire knowledge of Rent came from Everworld. And that's more than a little worrying. (Everworld is totally my teen trash series. Raen and Cath have all those girly Princess Diaries and Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants, but I've got Everworld.)

Bwaha. It's almost bird singing time and I'm writing Boy & Goddess, Heirs, and even Jaiya. Holy hell. Nikki? Can you even remember the last time I touched this thing? A hell of a long time ago. I'm trying really hard not to just go back and edit it all right now.

Angie, I've sent off your package. Finally. I suck. And now I have to send of letters to family type people thanking them for presents. Heh. They'll probably get there just after the Christmas cards I sent.

too lame I am
too lame I be
I fear I am
too lame for me.

Cath came home today, and Raen comes home on Thursday night. The LFoD will all once again be present. Nice. And that means...I'm not sure. I'm really tired, I don't know what anything means anymore. Like badgerbadger. Badgerbadger, if there was a badger sitting on my bed and was trying to tell me about how the world would just be a better place if we all just learned to love each other like beavers do because beavers and badgers both start with a B and that's a very important point when it comes to things like world peace and where you left the last bagel, and then we need to learn to share what we have like the ant and the grasshopper but that's really a flawed analogy because why was Scorpy the Grasshopper anyway and did that make John the ant of was that not even meant to mean anything at all?


Where was I again?

Right. Grasshoppers. They Hop Grass...Er.

I'm so very gone.
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