December 11th, 2005


"Where do I fit in if she's in your bed?"

Heirs is once again alive, as is Snake & Dagger. Those alone would be enough to make this a Good Week. But I'm also writing more things than I've written for a while. It's a nice feeling. So this week, by writing and creating standards anyway = Good Week.


Everyone of my flatmates is out seeing Narnia tonight so I have the house to myself. This, of course, means hyper naked dancing in the living room with much drinking and sugar until the police show up and arrest me and the supermodels. We will then escape the cop car using our super-duper Slayer powers, steal their uniforms, and then run away into the night giggling and causing chaos.

Yes. That is my plan.

Oh, and flatmate!Girls? Found this quote on lj: The houses haven't been united, and I'm thinking that what she actually meant was that the heirs haven't met, as such a big deal was made about them. *worries a little*

I think Absalom needs a tiny little collar and lead so I can take him on little rat walkies. For that would be rather adorable.
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