December 7th, 2005


Just another (messy) night in the LFoD...

Greetings, patrons of the live journal of Circe. It is I, phfa, here to introduce the wonders of this night past at the LFoD. Here's Circe,for she is getting mighty twitchy.

Yes. Twitchy. Anyway, tonight we found a pomegranate at the supermarket. I'd never tried one. Raen had never tried one. Getting home we found out that Sena also had never tried one.

How sad. So we opened it up and went 'omgcoolestlookingfruitevah!' for it was. It also splatters really well and resembles blood enough to amuse us all.

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Not friendslocked because I'm insane. (And Sena wants to show it to people who are not my people)
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