November 30th, 2005


Melbourne! The Return of Circe. (Hail to the king, baby.)

Hello. Back all safe and sound and such. Feels not right to wake at 10am for no reason so I'll put that down to jetlag or something. (See, I can use the jetlag excuse too!)

We had lots of Melbourney fun but since I'm never the type to keep an actual diary I couldn't tell you what these were in order. So I'll so exactly the same thing I did after last Melbourne trip: dot points! The tool of the lazy person! (Who should totally be finishing NaNo right now...)

~ One the second day I found all of Farscape for so cheap and there was no way I was going anywhere without it. So four seasons of Farscape is MINE! And then, a little later, I found Firefly! And grabbed it speedily. (Bwaha, not sold out in Australia then, is it!) Also found new Within Temptation and two CDs from Wendy Rule who I'd never find in a million years here. (That shop even had some of my silly European bands that no one has ever heard of, like Leaves' Eyes. Sadly no 69 Eyes.)

~ Something For Kate- who I ohmygod LOVE- we playing in Melbourne on the 2nd of December. !!! How utterly unfair! We even walked past the place where they would be playing in Richmond. This made me sad.

~ No suitable corsets in Victorian Gothic. This also made me sad, but I got a very lovely velvet skirt. Another goth shop I searched out was all Lip Service brand and therefore tiny and expensive :( And I found the best looking goth shop the day before we caught our plane...but it was closed. And I was veryververy sad.

~ Got to meet Lara and Lewi who are so cute together. We had dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe on that night- as well as a few others- and bills should not be spoken about. But I'd never seen a bill reach that amount before.

~ We must have gone to Melbourne Zoo on the hottest day in the history of the world. It was boiling and I thought I was going to melt into a sticky puddle. And that place is very badly stocked in the take away places. It's half empty. It looks like junk-food adoring Reavers were in there.

~ Went out to St Kilda Beach and wandered around the blinding sand. Tim wanted to steal a Jet Ski. I wanted to steal Jessica Stam from a shop window.

~ Dad took us around Melbourne Market. I got a Batman t-shirt. *wins!*

~ Raen and I spent two evenings watching all of Firefly and we almost got through an entire season of Farscape too. Also finally got her to watch the legendary Army of Darkness that Tim bought. She liked it ^_^ Also, Brothers Grimm is weird and the girl in it looks, sounds, and acts exactly like Keira in King Arthur. It was a little odd.

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Mum left us with so much food in the hotel. We couldn't possibly eat it all. The very thought scared us. We had to catch our bus to the airport at 7am so we thought we'd just stay up all night. Ha. We went to sleep around 1.