November 17th, 2005


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32,549 / 50,000

If I write 4000 words a day for the next four days- and the 30th when I return from Melbourne- I will finish NaNoWriMo.


That shouldn't be too hard...

Melbourne is going to be awesome, by the way. I have decreed it. Yes, it's true. I still haven't booked our accomadation and the three of us may end up living in a box on the side of the street while we're there if I don't get off my arse and do it but...hey, boxes are cool, you know. Boxes are the new houses. Don't be so biased against boxes! What did they ever do to you, man? Were you sexually abused by boxes in your childhood or something? Like, MOVE ON, DUDE. LET GO OF THE PAST AND YOUR FUCKED UP BOX ISSUES.


I'm writing NaNo in my other window. This means that words just come out of my fingers that I have no control over. Can you tell? Sometimes it's strange.

My music just said 'people are strange' and I'll agree with that one too. Because people are silly. Some of those people are me. I do silly things most of the time.

I'm getting my tattoo done tommorrow *huge grin* Man, it's taken a long time to finally get this thing organised. Hopefully it doesn't decide to go septic or something while we're in Melbourne. That would be a bitch. So, yes, tommorrow at 2.30 I shall be poked with needles for an hour. Should be painful wicked cool.


Not that I'm excited about it or anything (Man, I so frelling can't wait to have it!) Yeah, like, whatever, dude.

Angie? I'm going to try and send your package off tommorrow if I get up early enough. If not, I'll do it on Saturday. It'll get sent before I leave the country in any case. (Now, hopefully, I can find where I left your address...)
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