November 8th, 2005


"I just made you up to hurt myself...and it worked." Fireworks are better when they aren't human.

I've written nothing on my NaNo today and only about 500 words yesterday. This is sad. I'm totally not getting this thing finished before I go to Melbourne on the 21st. Ah well, I'll have Melbourne. Infinitely cooler than NaNo anyway!

It's 3.30 in the afternoon and I'm already drinking. In many of my friends this wouldn't be unusual: in me it is. You know that feeling when you've done something you know you had to do but it still makes your stomach go all twisty with nerves? Yeah, that. I hate that. More tequila please!

If I was clever I'd be using my time before Sena gets home to write on my novel...but I'm obviously not smart. Raen is currently in her last exam- which will be a very nice relief for her tonight- and Sena has her grand opening for her art-exhibition-thingy. Which I've no idea how to get to so I'm following her in.

I totally never wrote anything deep about Guy Fawkes. We had a little drinkies here with a whole bunch of people and ended up going over to the park at Pioneer Stadium to let off our fireworks. Then, later, we let off more in our yard. (This later was some time past midnight.) The boys- being Tim, Luke, and Will- decided that what was needed with all the many remaining fireworks was proper explosions. So we set us up the bomb. All remaining fireworks in a box with newspaper were taken back over to the park and then lit with roman candles for a mostly safe distance away. Newspaper caught and we ran away. (There was no diving into mud or mud wrestling as some people suggested in their posts.)

Then it went TEH 'SPLODE! It was, in a word, AWESOME. And definitely gets top marks for my first Guy Fawkes night. *glee* Things that blow up are cool. (Except when they're people, but we won't go into that.)

I went into the uni this morning with Raen when she was having her exam. I was there in quest for pie but, dear lord, THERE WAS NO PIE. It was horrible and terrible and many other words ending in '-ible' (Except edible. For there was no pie.)

Went and saw Dark Water yesterday afternoon. Reminded me that Jennifer Connelly is beyond awesome and makes me pout that she doesn't do more movies. (Come on, gorgeous and talented. Where are all the movies, Jennifer? I need more.) The movie itself was...odd. Started off fine- very very good- in fact, but came to a really weird and WTF ending. But, yes, Jennifer was wonderful in it.