November 4th, 2005


NaNo!NaNo!NaNo!NaNo! Oh, and a tiny bit of Life.

The word count thingy on the NaNoWriMo site is down! Horror! Pain! Badness!

In other news- that is still NaNo related anyway- I just hit 10,000 words and a plot may have just appeared to me! This makes me gleeful because much longer of writing without any actual aim was going to get tricky. I have an aim and a purpose. (Not in life still, just in November.)

I was almost horrified by the fact that I had not one single gay character but then I realised I did. So now I'm relieved. Not that I think my lesbian chick is going to have a very bag role...or maybe she will...who knows. Gods, I love NaNo.

In real life news: booked Ali a flight to Melbourne. All three of us are on the same flights over and back. Score. I've gotta get the hostel arranged because I am totally lazy at this.