November 2nd, 2005


Flowers, madness, and polar bear rug. Note: None of these things feature in this post. 'cept madness

7000 words down on NaNo. Not too shabby. I like writing because it means I don't have to think about anything. Stuff not going your way and feel like angsting? Quick, write lots and lots of babble without pause until you forget.

I think I've needed more NaNo in the last year. MmmmNaNo.

Can one get better at angsting? It should be a skill, right? I mean, that would make sense. And then you could improve at it. Be, like, a professional angster. In the Olympics and shit. That'd be impressive. Pausing from NaNo to write a lj entry feels like I'm still writing NaNo. Thus the not pausing to think all the much and the stream of conciousness thing that appears to be happening here.

Gods, I need breakfast *zooms* Oh god, now I have toastie, I win! I win so very very much! Life is good and all that crap!

I'll be in Melbourne in less than a month: which leaves me with having to write 3000-something words a day to finish nano in time.

Also, I hate happy dreams and then you wake up and realise that they weren't real and things on that front are the same as they always were. Stupid dreams. Even the good ones suck.