October 28th, 2005


Melbourne is teh shine.


I'm going to Melbourne 21st - 28th of November.

So far...that's the only actual fully known details I have of my trip. I suppose I'll finalise everything else when I have money come through. Mum's booking flight and part of my hotel stay from that end and I have to arrange somewhere to stay for the first four days. Hostel for three people, as Raen has decided to sell her soul for a mango. (Hey, I'd do the same. MmmmmMango. God, I miss those so badly.)

While in Australia I shall be living on a diet of Snack, Cherry Ripe, chocolate pop-tarts, and banana paddlepops. Since none of these are available in this retarded unfortunate country.

It'll be nice to be back on Australian soil. And kind of weird for the feeling like a tourist in my own home country thing.

I desperately need a mobile phone so I can give a number to my parents so we don't all get lost and stuff. Right, must look into a phone when I have some caaaaash. Phone becoming more and more required.

I need to get a notebook to write MB plans and places in it. I should get around to that. But first I should get around to finding a NaNo plot. Since it starts in, you know, three days. I've looked everywhere! Even down the back of the sofa! There's just no plot to be found anywhere. Oh the perils of being a writer [insert dramatic swoon here]
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Oh, Andypants, I'm so sorry *manic giggling* But...it had to be done! And...I'm sure I didn't start it!

(Some back me up here, I didn't start it, right?


Oh crap, I totally did.)

This morning I spent twenty minutes watching a spider ensnare a blowfly and kill it. It was rather facinating. And, while I was watching this happen, another fly flew straight into the web about 3 centimetres away. I'm going to go out on a limb and say: Flies? Not that bright. Not the brightest lumos in the wand, even The spider must have thought it was his lucky day.

Absalom totally needs a pet spider. That would be cute. My pet needs a pet. They could sleep together. (Not in a gross 'spider/rat OTP!!1!' way. Cause...well, eww. Although, it would breed spiderats. Which I have to admit, now that I think of it, would be super cool. Think of the possibilites!)

Ruth is coming over soon and we shall have fish and chips in the park. Because it's finally warm enough to do things outside again *stretches* I'm enjoying the warm weather so much. Much more than I used to. I'm spending so much time lounging on the deck on a beanbag. Mmmmwarm.

The year can only get better now that the warm is here ^_^
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