October 16th, 2005


It's full of other news

No where in Christchurch offers classical voice training. No where. This is such a burn. There are plenty of regular singing lessons I could take but, nope, none if you want a classically trained voice. Pout.

In other news...

I am a music God with the powers to make all around me obsess over music they never cared about before. *flexes fingers* All must worship my uber coolness of mind control. persuasion mind control.

In other other news...

Went to Barrington and had vague worries about that kid returning to clean us out. Returned home to find no one stealing anything and so I wasn't going to have to inflict violence. Was a little surprised/concerned by how very very crestfallen I felt at this.

In other news...over there... *points*

Fifteen days til NaNoWriMo starts. I need to find some sort of plot... *looks under bed* Nope. Not there.

Hey Sassfrog? Booked us in for scary dudes to poke us with needles yet?

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