October 15th, 2005


fashion and kiddie-robbers

I really want to dye my hair right now. I need money. This site is giving me ideas

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I love these photos. *snuggles* I must go find more shiny photos of prettiness.

Also, Binky told me today that Marilyn Manson is bringing out his own makeup range. This amuses me, but also means you'll be able to buy good quality black things..

ETA: Oh. My. God. I heard noises in the house and thought Ness must have been home so ignored it. Then thought I should go and say hi. Noises not coming from Ness' room but from Cath and Ali's. Look down hall and see some 14-ish year old boy going through Catherine's bags. So I'm all 'What the fuck are you doing, you little shit!?'

His story is that his friend said he lived in this house and told him to go get 2 dollars out of his bag. And I go "???" And he's all panicked and freaking and that could possibly be because there's a he's being faced by a VERY angry young women gripping a butcher's knife with intent to slice off bits.

Although, I almost believe his cover story. It seems too stupid to make up. Then he was asking could he please look inside our house for his friend because he must be hiding in there pleasepleaseplease because he has no way to get home without him. And he just wouldn't leave so I walked around the house with him, swinging the knife and glaring.

Then he decided it was time to be leaving and I locked the door behind him.

Thus ends my Weird Event of the Day. People confuse me. He's lucky I didn't stabinate him.

ETA...again: He totally emptied Sena's bag of all her spare change and her spare change jar. Thank god her wallet was with her then. They also- get this- moved her spiderman figurines out of her room and into the kitchen like they were playing with them. Just a little more WTF to put on the BBQ.

Have to wait for Cath to get home to find out if he got anything from her room...
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