October 12th, 2005


Sometimes conversations go so tangenty...

Tim showed up here at about 2am in the morning because I asked nicely. And I have teh powers of DOOM. Or something.

Anyway, we sat around the kitchen table drinking tea and discussing Nazi uniforms. This, if I remember correctly, had something to do with Santa. *thinks* Ah, yes, Tim and I were talking about how you can tell children that all those mall Santa's are just 'Santa's helpers'. But it's a stupid cover story because Santa's helpers should all just wear uniforms and not dress like their boss. "See, the Nazis were onto something. They didn't go around dressing like Hitler. No, there's Hitler and then there's Hitler's Little Helpers."

Another amusing quote from the evening comes from when he was explaining to me about differant parts of ChristChurch and their seediness: "If crime happens in Linwood it's for some tangible reason: like they want your money. When crime happens in Shirley it's more like they want your shoes."

And now it's 9am and I haven't slept. I suppose the only thing to do now is stay awake and try not to drop before, I don't know, 9pmish? Yeah, that'll do.

Also, I'll have money on the 22nd. I'm so booking in to get my tattoo done in the last week of October. *glee*
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