October 9th, 2005


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My NaNo novel has a title and an almost-plot. Okay, less plot and more 'a whole bunch of characters that I hope will lead to something more than a series of unfortunate unrelated events'

And I had a first line in my head but now it's become more of a 'first 5 lines' and I know I'm going to forget them by November. *chews nails*

Next time I want sambucca some remind me that I haven't drunk anything for 20 hours and I can still feel the effects. Although maybe it was quantity more than product.

In any case it might just be time to try and get some sleep...

ETA: Hah. 6am. So much for that plan.
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'Mates before dates' is the saying right? You stick by your friends rather than get laid right?

I said that we could be friends again and I meant it then. But not now. I don't know what you were thinking- if you were thinking at all- but it's over between us now. Which is a sad way for all this to end but I'm not going to end up getting fucked over again.
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