October 6th, 2005


new obsession. soul sucking. oh god.

Oh my god.


The 69 Eyes.


Finland goth rock. Videos shiny. Music rocking. Members pretty and leather clad. Singer so pretty. SO. PRETTY. Finland water = magic.

Can't sleep. Must download more.

Must. Download. Computer. Not. Full.


ETA: Their song 'Wasting the Dawn' paid tribute to the Doors Jim Morrison. The video featured HIM member Ville Valo posing at a snowy cemetary as Jim Morrison. OH MY GOD. Morrison! Ville! Snow! Cemetary! ... !!! Tim, if you can find this video somewhere I will SELL YOU MY SOUL.


Sena and her booooooyfriend are so the cutest thing ever. They went and had a picnic. Doesn't it just make you want to say 'bless'? Bwaha. I'm still allowed to snog them both at KAOS parties though. See, this is good. This means Sena will now come along to many more parties. I like her there. It's fun and she acts more slutty. I love it when my flatmates are slutty. *nods*

Raen will agree with me that the singer from The 69 Eyes is pretty and androgynous, but claims he sings too low to be heard properly. Sena doesn't find him attractive at all. But that's okay. All the more for me. *hoards Finns*

I went into uni with Raen this morning to buy a pie. This was as far as my plan got. Mmmpie. Raen decided that since she was going to be late to her class, we should instead go on an adventure. After ascertaining that this adventure would still include my coveted pie I agreed. So we had pie - mmmpie- and then went out to Northlands because that's where we saw Goddess that one time. (Poor Goddess. I need to write more about him. He's being neglected. Poor characters.) Northlands was big and shiny just as it was last time I was there. Not much differance.

Tried on clothes I wasn't going to buy.

Bought said clothes I wasn't going to buy.


It's okay. If you can still make rent then you haven't been bad! Right? I got a lovely skirt and a top.

Sena: Wow. They're black. ... What a surprise.

And then I came home and was coerced into bed by Raen. (No, not like THAT.) I could have stayed up still! Was only a little crazy! Was muttering 'finlandfinlandfinlandfinland' all morning though...

And now I'm awake. And hungry. But there's not really much in the house. But by the time I get back from Riccarton tonight flatmates will have gone shopping! It's very exciting!


Raen distracted me. I forgot what I was going to write it. I bet it was riviting. That's spelled wrong.
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