October 4th, 2005


"I come on like a crippled play-thing"

If it hurts baby please don't cry
Preserve my innocence

There was originally a private post to Nicole here but I thought better of it and it got the deletion treatment. I seem to be deleting a lot of things recently.

Anyway, Melbourne plans are coming along quite well. And money issues are all over now. Which is oh my god, the wonderful. Soon I can finally pay back people I owe money too. I hate owing people.

Tim has plans to accompany me to Melbourne possibly so I don’t implode and also to get really drunk in a foreign country. So he and I will be there a few days before mum shows up. And, gods, it’ll be really nice to see her. It’s been too long. Way too long. Over nine months in fact. Whoa.

And there will be much hitting of the shops over there and clothes will be purchase. Oh yes, they will. And Victorian Gothic will have my patronage once more. Another corset for me, baby!

I’m still trying to log into the NaNo site but it’s totally overloaded. Blah. Anyone else doing NaNo?
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Bwaha. Re-did my layout. Because I winzors and like distracting myself. I'm now going to go make my room utterly spotless.

Although, yay, the NaNoWriMo site is finally working.

*signs in*
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