September 21st, 2005


Picspam: omg we're so teh gawth.

you know, looking around now you wouldn't even be able to tell the city was blanketed with white two days ago. Weeeird. It's so sunny and bright today.

So I took the gorgeous persephone_20 to Barrington cemetary to take some uber-goth/emo shots. Because it's a nice way to spend the day. (phfa & moment_of_sen are going to get gothed-up and taken there as well at some point. I might even put together a picnic of some sort. It's a nice graveyard.)

I'd totally be f-locking our idiocy but Nikki wants to link from her journal.

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So that was the exciting day of Nik and I.

We now plan to make a band called The Bustop Goths. Because we're just that damn cool. But on the note of actual real bands: Get Behind Me Satan by The White Stripes is an awesome album and I cannot stop listening to it. *nods*
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Grrr to people not being home when they're meant to be. It would have been a pointless trip out to Riccarton if I hadn't bought tequila. And, bwaha, he can just miss out on that now, can't he. Yes, I'm being petty. I wanted to see him tonight. *so. much. pouting.*
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