September 20th, 2005


"She promised and said, 'you will always be safe here with me.'"

Alright it went like this:

At 4ish in the morning Tim went to go home. But then he came back inside and told me that maybe- just maybe- I’d want to go see something outside. And I beheld snow. And it was good.

There was much walking around in the snow and squeeing on my part. Because, hello, snow! I’m in love with the stuff and I’ve finally moved to a place where in can have it! This is the third time ever that I’ve seen snow. (The first time being last time I was in Christchurch two years ago, and the other being in Wales.) So I made a Plan for the next day. (Yes, with a capital ‘P’ even) At first light we would take cameras and go down to the cemetery to get photos. And thus we did. And it was good.

The second part of the Plan was to go out to the big cemetery past Eastgate and so Tim, Sena, and I jumped and Orbiter to go out there. We get out to the mall and decide breakfast of Subway is required but- since it’s still only seven am- the mall isn’t open. We make dramatic ‘noooooooo’ sounds and decide to jump on an Orbiter home because it’s getting ball-busting cold by this point. Probably a good thing we got on the bus we did at the time we did because the snow was making the roads dodgy. They called the buses off not long after. And being stranded at Eastgate? That would have been The Suck of Doom.

So instead we came home and we in the warm. Enjoying the snow from inside with a cup of tea is very nice.

Then- when I woke up from my middle of the day sleeping- I hopped a bus out to Riccarton to visit the dictator and was saddened to find it snowed less out there and my favourite park still had much green grass. (But then unsaddened cause I got to spend time with Frank. And this is, of course, a totally fair trade.)

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Beyond awesome day. (Even if I can't feel my fingers.)
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