September 12th, 2005


"Heaven Queen, cover me, in all that blue"

Alright, finally home now and I can hear Absalom moving around in his temporary cage behind me. Hopefully Tim will come over tonight and help me hook up something for him. Raen, Nikki, and I went out to Super Shed today to see if we could find a big old birdcage for my boy. We found three smaller ones and a strage plastic thing that seems to be rat-friendly. Also medieval feast-gear for all three of us. All this cost me ten bucks. I find this gleeful. Super Shed is useful.

Then, after this, Nikki and I went to the Shoe Warehouse. We were only going there in seach of a new pair of Docs for Nik but I discovered that the soles of my beloved boots had cracked in half. *pain* It's terrible! My beloved lovely big stompy boots! They're dead! I'll take them into the shoe-guy tommorrow to see if he can do anything to save them. But Cath thinks it's unlikely. *hugs them close* They don't sell them anymore and, besides, I don't want to buy a new pair! Sigh. So I decided I didn't dare wear them home and searched around for a new pair to wear. Found four. Wins! Or loses. Depends how you look at these things. I tend to hope I just win at life anyway...

Then we were late getting to the library to meet Raen for mocha/hot chocolate. But that's okay cause she loves us anyway.


Right, Raen?

I feel the need to post to Foxglove. I haven't for a while... But I feel more of a need to go play with Absalom; I haven't had him out of his cage all day!

Also, yay, new moodtheme. Go the randomness.
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