September 1st, 2005


Walk down the right back street in Sin City and you can find anything

Sin City owned.

And I now plan to grow up and be a gun-toting hooker. Life ambitions, baby. Anyone know where I can find some cool icons? *pokes around*

I should be doing something now: I'm sure of it. But right now I'm in that 'after movie' mood. You know, when you've seen a movie you really liked and you keep reviewing all the cool bits and such? Yeah, that mood.

I was checking flights this morning to see if there was anything cheap to Melbourne. Couldn't find anything for under $500. Sigh. And I cannot afford that. I'm sorry, Nik. I know how you'd like me to be there but I just can't do it. Especially not if I even want a chance of seeing mum in November. Money sucks. Well, the lack of it anyway. Hope you and Moana are doing okay. (Well, as 'okay' as things can be, I suppose.)

And now I'm going to go do things are are elsewhere.
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    'Cells (Instrumental)' Sin City