August 30th, 2005


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My flist isn't moving at all. And I want to go do something. Anything to distract myself.

Nikki got on a plane this morning at 6.30 to go back to Melbourne for Ian's funeral. And I'm sitting here trying to work out what on earth could be happening over there at every moment. Part of me wishes I could be there too.

I'd go for a walk but I think I'd just be cold and come back home. And I'd go out to Frank's place but it's too late for that. And I'd sit and watch TV or Farscape but it's all just too passive.

What will I do with myself until Nikki gets back? I miss her already. And I worry for how she's doing over there. I mean, she has all her friends banding around her and everything but...I want to help too.

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