August 26th, 2005



Dude, I'm such a loser. I managed to get myself locked out of the house. This is the problem that you encounter when you think you won't need your keys. Never believe your brain when it says 'Meh, three other people live there: someone will be home.' Oh, how my brain lies, for none were home. I stood forlornly in the rain while watching the locked door. (Alright, so it was more of a 'light drizzle' than 'rain' but that makes the whole image so much less pathetic.)

So, anyway, I stood in the pouring rain and raised my fist to the heavens to cry "Great Door Gods! Why have thou locked me out??"

There was no answer.

So I got on a bus- for it was warm- and travelled around for a while. And then, low, I come home and the door is unlocked! It was a Christmaschurch miracle! (We could also call it a Daisy Miracle (TM) for she is the one who was home.)

And now I am warm and saved from death. *pleased*
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Hey Nik? Wanna go to the Rocky tommorrow night? *looks at clock* Aha, it's still 3 minutes to midnight: Friday is still tommorrow. Anyway, interested? Just you and me, girlie. We shall have fun, no?

I think I might be shoe shopping with Andrew tommorow if he contacts me soonish. Shoe shopping. And he claims he's not gay. *shakes head*
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