August 19th, 2005


Humanity scares the hell out of me today.

Went shopping out at Hornby and found not one but three items of clothing that fitted perfectly and made me look teh sex. This is downright shocking. Mood was sort of ruined by the fact that I am so totally moneyless. Blaaaah. How I wish I came from a rich family. I want to be a spoiled little blonde princess who only has to mention things to daddy and she'll get them.

Okay, I lie. I don't want to be blonde. Or spoiled -although, I am that a little already. I just want to stop having to worry about money so much. It makes me even more panicky than life already feels. Blah.

And, so people don't freak out if they see it, my username is probably getting changed tonight. No more diantha_malfoy! I will escape! And never again will random LJ people started leaving me comments and squeeing about how much they luffle-wuffle Draco Malfoy and how I must adore him too! (OMH YAYZA!!! LT'S LIEK GEDT MARIED!!!1!one!!) I haven't picked the new name but it's definatly narrowed down... tonight I shall choose.

And now I've got nothing to do, but that's a nice feeling. I would have liked to have stayed in bed all day but life did not allow this. But now I'm home and the house is mine! bwaha! I'm going to fetch tea and read my book.

ETA: Firefly fans should probably see this little movie. It appears to be something to advertise for Serenity.
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Whoo hoo! Malfoy is DEAD!!

Sena: *terrible british accent* Where's Diantha? I don't know! Where's the Malfoy? I don't know!

Behond my new name. SP referance ahoy. Tim informs me that all I have to worry about now is people wanting me to write them Pumpkins fanfic.
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