August 17th, 2005


So does that mean guys are rating ME?

Went and saw The Island tonight. Not sure if I liked it or not. I mean, didn't mind it but I probably wouldn't bothering seeing it again: no matter how pretty Scarlett was. I think I'll end up making icons just because of her pretty factor.

I'm tired. I should totally be in bed but I don't feel like it. In fact I feel like staying up all night.

*dozes on keyboard*

I may have sent an email I shouldn't have sent. I hate that feeling. And now I just have to wait for the person to get it before I know how badly they will react to the things in it. *sigh*

I really should go to bed if I want to get up early tommorrow. *ponders*

My tattoo is going to have an ankh and a snake. Mock me all you like I don't care. Stupid goths for making things all cheesy and emo.
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Dear friendslist,

It's 3 o-clock in the morning and I'm bored. So entertain me, dammit. Leave me amusing comments. Spam me to high heaven if that's your poison.

Come oooooooon, booooooredom is seeping into my soooooul. Tell me anything! Leave me amusing images! Something! *dies*
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