August 15th, 2005


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Alright, picture this for a TV show:

The Beatles are minding their own buisness and then, BANG! They get shot through a wormhole into deep space and ships with aliens.

It's like Farscape...but with The Beatles!

Somehow, in my dream last night, this seemed so damn cool. I'm still rather fond, if only cause it's insane. I like insane.

Raen is petting my head. I'm like a puppy. (A sharpai... that's not right. Faux-Frank's dog in any case. The toilet paper dog. They're squishy.)

Everyone in the house is going to bed: cause it's late. I should be going too...

Spiced wine gives you the craziest dreams. There was the already mentioned Farscape/Beatles one. And then there was one where Andrew got killed that made me all wangsty and panicked when I woke up, and another where I was on the cast of Firefly but the rest of the cast shunned me. Bastards. I shouldn't drink spiced wine if that's how it's going to make my head. Weird.

Plus, drinking seems to just be bad for me full stop. I now rememeber why I wasn't doing it. I shall return to not drinking for a while.
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bwaha. *dictates*


This is me, life should be fun for- SHUT UP.

How is everyone on this gloooooooooooooooooooooooooorius morning, darlings?


I'm going to have bacon and eggs. This is very exciting in the yummy way! And teeeeeeeeeeaaaaaa *drinks*

There are LESBIANS in my kitchen: three of them. Making out on the stove. Which is dangerous cause they could burst into flames at any moment. I just heard something about 'smacking my bum' (and that last bit is actually true.) Sometimes I just want to dictate down the things that get said in the Lesbian Flat of Doom cause they are dodgy ladies sometimes.

Raen: "No, no, I'm flipping! I'm making a mess, I'm making a mess...heh heh, made a mess of your breakfast."

Sena: "Pretty good, lads, pretty good. How about you, Circe? does your baby take the morning train? *implied eyebrow wiggle*"

Daisy: " put it in your mouth and then you put it in the toaster?"

Sena: "Heh, he does now."

Mmmm, I smell food. More on this later...


Raen: "I licked you and you still touch yourself.
Sena: "Ewww!"
Circe: "*sings* My baby takes the morning train!"
Raen: "I licked the morning train too."

Raen: "My muffin is ready!"

Circe: "[Raen's] bad! she should be spanked!"
Sena: "Oh, a spanking!"
Circe: "We haven't had a spanking in this house for too long!"
Sena: "And then: the ORAL SEX! *bends down in front of Daisy*"

Daisy: "You suck"
Raen: "Can I suck on your nose?"
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*waves to Australia*

Heh. I just got a birthday card from dad saying 'looks like a fun party - Careful of those lava lamps, they'll do ANYTHING to ensnare you.'


Dude. Is my dad totally reading my livejournal?


HI DAD! I've got a postcard for you to send, but you know how lazy I am! My Random Flatmate says 'Hi Circe's Dad!'

Does this mean I should write less incriminating things?
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