August 13th, 2005


"Here's a fun made out with your sister!"

I feel dirty for admitting this but...but...I love Eurotrip.

Oh, for SHAME. A bad teen movie owns part of my soul! Icons must be made.

anyway, this was last nights great activity: watching Eurotrip on my bed with Raen, Nikki, Ness, and Tim.

Today I was going out to visit the boy but he turned out to be not home. Although I did finally get to see the infamous flatmate I'd heard so much about. So I spent my afternoon sitting on a park swing and reading 'Jigs & Reels' by Joanne Harris (My birthday present from Raen: highly recommended, as are all her other books)

Again, today is lovely. The weather is kind. I sit here with my cup of tea and prepare to go grocery shopping...
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    'In Joy & Sorrow' HIM (the YUMMY videoclip. mmmmmville....)