August 2nd, 2005


Today tommorow seems so far away

Today started off pretty shite- for no reason- with me snapping at everyone around me and myself and wanting to hurt all living and non-living things in a five mile radius. Was very close to getting on a bus from uni and showing up on certain people's doorsteps begging them to fight me. Cause, fuck, I needed a good fight to get rid of all that crap.

And then somewhere on the bus with Nikki...the day got a little less crap. I don't even know for sure what it was. Just talking about better things, I guess. Things that made me happier.

Still, this day doesn't feel all that wunderbar. I wish I were drunk. And in a wicked violent fight.

Hopefully after the sun goes down everything will get better. I think maybe I'm just hungery and tired.
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