July 30th, 2005


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there is a game of half drunken spin the bottle going on in my living room.

Raen snogged Sena before ME! *offended on SO many levels!* How rude! I shall never forgive you, Sena!

Tim: A poorly played, and poorly rigged game. I must add.

Anyway, there is nothing left to drink and this makes me sad as I'm not drunk at all yet. I pout. I'd suggest we need scrumpy but I don't need to be that drunk.

oh dear.

Tim informs me that he has scrumpy.

definate oh dear.

Alright, I'm going back to watch the madness in the living room.

Nikki informs me that the game and madness are ending. *bored now*

Hmmm, what shall we all do to entertain ourselves?

giant orgy in my bedroom?


probably not thought.
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