June 7th, 2005


Pillow Fort of DOOM (Burn it to the ground-o!)

So I return, victorious, from Lindisfarne. Which is a lovely long weekend long medieval camp to commemorate the Vikings sacking Lindisfarne. Yay the Vikings! Or something. Anyway, tis really just a big excuse to sit around in poncy garb and eat feasts. And, for many, get really really drunk.

There were many incriminating photos taken over the weekend. Sadly, none of them were from me as I foolishly left Kalani at home because I didn’t have any batteries charged up for her. But the photos exist! Bwaha, even the photos of two different boys wearing my heavy flouncy Flemish dress. Which was sort of a scary sight. One of the boys wasn’t even drunk. *grins*

There was much fun and good food and bonfires and angsting.

Oh! And a pillow fort! Because what kind of Viking event would it have been if no one had built a pillow fort? So Raen and I slept in one the last night we were there. Probably the best night of sleep I’ve had in about a month. Raen said she’ll have to build one at home for me.

Anyway, the good things of the weekend defiantly overwhelmed the bad things. But now I’m back in the real world and real problems once again rear their ugly head. And so I ignore them profusely.

My main angst at the moment? Man, my fingers are cold...
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