May 28th, 2005


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It's Saturday and I'm sitting at the uni.

I don't even go to uni.

phfa & sasscat are studying for their test this afternoon and I'm...the tagalong I guess.

And I'm very sleepy. I didn't manage to get vast amounts of sleep last night and this makes me all woobly in the head. More than usual anyway.

Ever feel like you just want to change your name permenantly? I've never really loved my name but I never really hated it before. But, gods, I hate my real name now. I think I have reasons for this but I know their stupid. It's weird that hearing people say my own name makes me uncomfortable and kind sick. Feels all wrong and makes me twitchy. That's just weird. And so very not right, I'm sure.

Makes me wish I could just more to Christchurch anew and just be Des. No other name following me from home, just Des.


Dear lord, I REALLY want some chocolate. NEEEEEEEEEEED. There is none here. And I have no money to go but any. I have no money for aaanything and owe everyone I know shitloads now. *frustrated*

But-BUT- Nikki comes over in about 19 days!!!!11!eleven!!!1 OH. MY. GOD. TEH. SQUEE. My lovely Niccolette! *snugglates*
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Meme time...

I sort of feel odd and at a loss for what to do with myself. So I'm gonna do that meme thing that was going around ages ago but I never did.

In the comments to this leave me something anonymously. Anything. It can be a huge secret, it can be ranting at me, it can be something totally mundane. Whatever. Just do it, peoples. Give me stuff to think on here.
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