May 23rd, 2005


*shakes maracas* His name was Lawn Boy...

The house is teh quiet.

Raen is at uni, Cath has gone home for a week, and Sena is either a) at polytech, b) sleeping, or c) dead.

Hope it ain't the last one. That'll start to smell.

Got to talk to my mum last night and I say yay. For I've been feeling homesick all week. And I pout at that feeling.

However, was kept from feeling crap by Dodgy Bakers who distracted me most sufficiently, the lovely Andrew even making us Turkish coffee (omgyum, reminds me of being at Canterbury Faire again!) Then we sat around watching Shaun of the Dead and I promise I won't make icons of it...How many of you know I'm totally lying right now? You know, I hid and jumped a lot less in that movie than other people in the room. I’m meant to be the one scared of zombies.

Raen: …and Nicola mentioned how you were flirting like mad.
Me: … I was?
Raen: *pointed look*
Me: *remembers* Oh, yeah!

I’m a big flirt. It’s terrible. I barely notice I’m even doing it these days. But I say yay for people I can flirt with and have no negative repercussions. Flirty non-threateny people rock. Heh. And, yeah, I do get why girlfriends hate me. *hangs head in shame*

It's about two weeks until that fancy medieval festival that I’m not going to try and spell here. Which means, god dammit, I really need to start making my dress. I have all the material, just need to, you know, make it. *is lazy*

Work said they'd call me today to tell me when I can come back to work. God, this is all such a fucking hassle. I just want to go back to work. Need money, dammit. I'm thinking of canceling my counciller appointment on Thursday. I don't feel the need to really go. I'm feeling much more sane *is sane* See? *nods*

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