May 14th, 2005


Blood on her skin, dripping with sin...

KAOS party last night. I believe the theme was B-Movie Horror. Or a lot of people just like dressing as extras from Night of the Living Dead. Was propositioned three times during the course of the night which is pretty impressive since I was, you know, attempting to avoid all things male. Guys still put me on a very wary foot.

But the boy talked to me at least. This made the party much better for me. *shrugs* I don't mind that he's always snogging a different girl at every party: I pushed him away so I really have no right to say anything. But he talked to me twice in the evening. Nothing got resolved between us, but then that's nothing new really. I'm starting to think there will never be a solution between us. It just seems static

I'm starting to get the feeling he thinks I'm being intentionally difficult. Like I fucked myself in the head just to spite him and make his life difficult. Which makes me want to smack him upside the head a little. Sigh. But I got to hug him and kiss him which made me feel better and- at the same time- oddly worse. Then he tried to grab me and hold me there and my me freaked. I then spent the rest of the night flinching out of everyone's grasp. I'm a slippery one when I wanna be. Bwaha.

I wasn't dressed as a zombie. That's far too much thinking ahead work. I went for 'waa, wanna look vaguely sexy but am incapable so pout.' I was however dressed in fishnets, short skirt, and my oh-so-sex-on-legs new boots that make me taller than, well, many many people ^_^ *is tall*

I didn't drink anything last night: isn't that just terrible? The badness of being utterly broke, eh? I suppose that's part of the reason I woke up so early. It might have also had something to do with the six million thoughts in my head. Distracty things.

People sadly absent from the party: Sass (who I didn’t expect to be there but it would have been cool if she was anyway) & Binky (Who should have been there, dammit, and the lack of him made Raen and I a little pouty.) But that's okay because we were very sociable with other people. (*waves to Woot* I wave to you because you're the only one I know about who has an LJ, darling.)

Oooh, and they played very good music. Whoever was running that party: Brava & rock on. (You even played the Living Dead Girl version that Faith was dancing to: Yay!)

In case you can't tell, peoples. I feel way less crap than I have for a long time ^_^
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