March 11th, 2005


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Dear world,

I offically have a house. I have no internet and no money, but I have a house. And so I'm trying to focus only on the good things. Thus this -very short post- will have no mention of the following things:

* jobs in which I cannot get currently paid because the government sucks and is going to take 10 days to put some form through for me.

* Hot gothic boys met and made out with at KAOS parties who I really want but know that any move would be stupid.

* General feelings of not having any idea what I'm doing with myself.

As I said to Raen, the world shouldn't be allowed to throw more than one new thing at you at a time. It's totally not fair to make me deal with a new job, a new house, and a new boy all in the same week. My poor brain.

But other than these things I'm okay. and this is basically just my post to say 'hi! i'm alive! and in a house!'

and there will be a better post later when the net gets connected. Because right now? I can't even make my bloody rent. *sigh* So I shall just hang out at the library here until Raen gets off work and then I shall go home.

There's a KAOS party tonight which I'm sort of torn about. Part of me wants to go and hang out but the other part believes this to be a very stupid idea indeed. *thinks* I'm supposed to see the boy there and making out with him again would be nice but- Oh, shut up brain. I don't know. That's my favourite phrase right now I think: 'I don't know.'

Someone wake me up when I know what I want?
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