March 2nd, 2005


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"Errol Flynn was born in Launceston and was well known for his 13 inch penis. The Hollywood ladies liked him! How's that for trivia?"


My mum sends me the most random emails...

As a sidenote, does anyone else get their comments sent to gmail? And if so, is gmail letting you reply to them or is it coming up with an error message? *frowns*

Lost rocks, btw. Just realised I'd never mentioned my new found love for this show. We're on... *thinks* episode 4 tonight? I think so. (Although, I've possibly been cheating and have read up to 17 on TWoP).

The saddest part? I'm going to want to madly make Lost icons once in the house but all the cool ideas have already been done a thousand times. Ah well.


Also, bwa ha! Sawyer was in Angel! *does the dance of shmooshy fandoms*
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