February 25th, 2005


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You know, about a week and a half ago I promised Nikki that I'd write an entry. A long one. About Cantabury Faire. So Nikki...I'm not going to get round to that entry. But i'll email you pictures and amusing things from it once we're in the house.

9 days! Ithink... SQUEE! And I'll have a bedroom! My boxes showed up yesterday while we were sitting around watching Donnie Darko. And I jumped up and ran out to greet them. And, yes, I may have hugged them...

Don't want to open them til we're in the house though. Soooon. Another nice thing about the house? The fact that when I come home from work I won't be locked out. As I am right now. See, I went back to Sena's place and no one was there. And I have no key. so I went 'pout' and came to the library. Sigh.

today was my first day of work at Muffin Break actually. And I didn't screw up big time. A few little things I forgot but so far I'm actually kinda enjoying it. It feels...purposeful. Or something. The people working there with me are all so great and that helps too. I ended up working an extra hour even.

It's Friday afternoon. I wonder if I'm doing anything tonight? I should try and keep track of these things. Tommorrow I'm going to see Phantom again with the medieval group.

(Random tangent: expect lots of picspam when we get the net connected in the house.)
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