February 21st, 2005


Or are you just my Seventh Seal?

Hello hello LJ world. How you all doing today? How's the shrimp, you over there in the back? Dude to the right, try the veal. I wouldn't suggest the chicken- it's gone bad.

Anyway, what on earth was I saying? not sure I had anything...

That's right. I didn't have anything. I'm sitting in south Library- it's nice here- and checking my emails. In two weeks I shall have a home. Which is a very lovely thought.

The other day I was hit with the most overwhelming feeling of...not exactlly homesickness- although that was part of it- but most it was a feeling of being uprooted. Living out a suitcase started to take it's toll on me and I sort of suddenly realised that I really had no home. I had other people's floors and other people's homes but I had none of my one. It kind of upset me. When I was in Ireland I always knew I would be going home. I always knew that whenever I choose to turn around and go home it would be waiting for me. My room, my stuff, my home. And now i don't have that. If I chose to go home tommorow i would be going back to mum's place and sleeping on a couch.

I want a home, man. I don't like being uprooted.

It doesn't help that my boxes with everything in them are still not in my possession. they're sitting somewhere in Christchurch and customs has not yet deemed that I can have them.

I'm kinda bummed that Nikki can't come over anymore. she was meant to come visit at Easter and now it's not happening. this makes me sad and pouty. I miss her. (Nikki, check the heirs flist. Gabe can come back now.)

Other than these minor annoyances, which I can make sound Oh-So-Dramatic, life if pretty good. (Except for this Evil Cold of Doom, but it will pass soon enough...)

Miss talking to you all but rest assured I'll be back for good soon enough and then you'll never be able to get rid of me again. Bwa ha.
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