January 30th, 2005


*party aftermath*

KAOS rocks.

Christchurch rocks.

Raen I rock!

So says she.

She makes cute Ineedtehchocolateovertheeeere whines too. *schnoogles*

[Thus ends random meaningless update for 30th of January.]

Wait. No. I lie. Firefly is totally airing here on Tuesday. Like omgsquee! Shall make Raen watch! BHWAHAHAHA!!!!!!!1!!!!


Also, Lost starts on Wednesday. Score.

(And because he doesn't have a LJ...Frank is really hot.)
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Ack! Nightwish! Playing in Melbourne! 21st of March!


Anyone want to send me airline tickets? *smiles sweetly*
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    should be nightwish...but it's not- wait. now it is.